I once heard some writer say on the interwebs that he could never get anything done without procrastinating on something else. Procrastination is part of human nature, and boy, did nature give me an overdose. While I’m accomplishing the task of righting this blog, I’m blowing off my summer homework and making new listings on my Etsy shop. When I get around to doing homework, I’m pushing off cleaning the house, or doing the dishes. It’s a never ending cycle: you don’t want to do priority one, so you do priority two. You don’ want to do priority three, so you do priority four. You definitely don’t want to do priority five, which is last on your list, so you do priority one after all. And so on and so fourth.

Only few people whom have magical powers can break the spell of procrastination. When you think about it, procrastination is our childlike selves coming out and throwing a tantrum, blocking the pathway to achievement. In a logical sense, I would be easier just to get the thing you don’t want to do done now, instead of worrying about it later. But no. Our brains just have to screw us over, telling us to focus only on the here and now instead of using any sort of prudence.

Aaaaaaaaaand now that I’ve gotten that out, there’s some good news that I’d like to share with you! Someone convoed me on Etsy today asking for a custom product! Yay! Here’s what it turned out like:


It’s Fennekin! They haven’t bought it yet, but then again it hasn’t been that long. I hope to get my second sale soon!


Of Packing and Cornfields

Today my family is packing for a vacation that we’ll be leaving for next week. Around our house are piles of clothes, suitcases, and loose random yet necessary objects. And you know what this year’s trip to Wisconsin is got me thinking about–last year’s trip. Last year we endeavored to drive a 48 hour round trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin, stopping in Nashville and St. Louis on the way. We came across some odd sights, and I thought I’d like to share some of them with you (all my 8 followers). 

My awesome handy-dandy map (that got us through some crises)

My awesome handy-dandy map (that got us through some crises) 

A horse-drawn carriage at a stoplight in Nashville

A horse-drawn carriage at a stoplight in Nashville

A random hotdog stand

A random hotdog stand

The St. Louise Arch

The St. Louise Arch

We passed TONS of cornfields. TONS.

We passed TONS of cornfields. TONS.

My awesome shot of a tractor

My awesome shot of a tractor

We were bored. We had to entertain ourselves somehow.

We were bored. We had to entertain ourselves somehow.


METROPOLIS “home of Super Man” 🙂

This year we’re stopping in Asheville, NC and Chicago. I hope we find some interesting stuff along the way this time as well. I wanted to bring Chacha (my foster dog) along with us, but I was vetoed:( Luckily, I met a lady at the dog park who is looking to adopt her. While we’re gone she’s going to be doing a trial run with Chacha to see if she can handle three dogs.

I’ll be sad when I see that mangy dog go. I don’t want to leave her; and she doesn’t want to leave me. We’ll be lost without each other! Or at least I will. But, oh well, that’s the price of fostering a dog. I better get used to it. 

Goodbye, friends! (I was going to say this phrase in Spanish, but then I realized I had no clue how to spell it.)


Second-Hand Golum

It’s Saturday! Yay! *happydance* 

Today mister Charlie Chaplin was picked up, and I am truly going to miss him. He was such a sweet guy. 


Anyways, I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and I got an idea. I saw these mini canvases and clear phone cases and wondered: why don’t I put my artwork on the back of phone cases? I could sell them! It would be so cool! So I tried it out. I think it looks a little weird, but hey. What do I know. Would you buy it?

photo (15)But, as always, I digress. Although I’m happy it’s Saturday, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t have time to do what I love this morning: garage sale-ing. All my (two) friends think I’m weird, but I just love going to garage sales. Everything’s so cheap! I’ve gotten half my wardrobe from garage sales, and I’m not ashamed of it. I have money, I’m just saving it for vacation. Who pays $13 for a single pair of shorts? When you could get them for $2 at a garage sale? 

I love the thrill of hunting for them. Here’s how it typically goes:

I see a red sign. 

“Is that I garage sale sign?!”

I get closer. 

“I think I see the word ‘sale!'”

I get within ten feet (my eyes are terrible).

“Oh. It’s for an open house.”

I’ve gotten a lot of neat stuff from garage sales. Grey’s Anatomy, a Spongebob bag, and even beads. Garage sales a a beautiful thing. I hope I get to search again next week.



Crimps Don’t Like Me

All jewelers know that crimps are essential to making any kind of beaded jewelry. Crimp beads make the other beads stay on the wire. But not for me. For some unknown reason, crimps are out to get me. Right from the get-go. When my sister first showed me how to make jewelry, she gave me a box of tiny crimps, and the tool I was using was designed for bigger ones. Obviously, I had to come up with some creative techniques to make the crimps stay on the wire. When I finally got around to buying my own bag of large crimps, I thought all my problems would be solved. Was I right? Of course not. To this day I still have to mess around with the crimps to get them to close onto the wire. They slip and slide everywhere, and only ten percent of the time can I get them in the position I want. If I don’t make myself absolutely sure that they are closed, my jewelry will fall to pieces. Just look at this bracelet, now just a lonely strand:

But never mind that. 

Today I found a boutique that sells individual beads! Look at all the coolness I got!



And that brings me to the end of my post. Hope you all have a nice day!

My Foster Dog=The Licking Machine

My foster dog loves to lick. She’s obsessed.
When I come home:
“Let me lick your legs!”

When she’s on my lap;
“Let me lick your cheeks!”

When were on a walk:
“Let me lick your feet!”

When were at the park:
Let me lick strangers!”

It’s her way of showing compassion. But it gets quite annoying. Dog licks are comparable to human kisses, right? Imagine if some person were to constantly kiss their family, and go up to random people on the street and kiss them? We’d send him/her to an insane asylum! I’m just saying. It’s a little to much.

But just look at that tongue! No wonder she licks so much. Her tongue must be like a wild beast itching to get out of its cage.

She is, however, pretty cute. I guess I’ll just have to live with her insane licking for now.

Mini Schnauzers, a.k.a. My Worst Nightmare

So, through my pet sitting ad on Craigslist, I’ve acquired another dog for the weekend. A miniature schnauzer. Now, I had always thought that mini schnauzers were really cute, with their little mustaches and beards, cuddly fur and button noses. Although they had pretty features, I never thought of them as prissy dogs. Until I met She Who Will Not Be Named Because I Don’t Know How to Spell It.

She Who Will Not Be Named belongs to a bachelor father-son duo, whom I know from school and who coincidentally responded to my Craigslist ad. Both have the countenance of a “manly man,” with deep voices and muscles and all. But don’t let that deceive you. When this dog walked through my door, she was finely groomed, had a pretty pink leash, and, get this, a collar with her name in rhinestones. Not only does this dog invite herself onto the expensive couch, but she barks. And whines. Constantly. Her voice is higher pitched than my chihuahua mix. I’m pretty sure that by Sunday I’m going to have developed a serious hearing problem.

When she arrived, I already had two dogs at the house: my foster dog, Chacha, and another 80 lb English Pointer mix, Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin is afraid of small dogs on account of a miniature poodle nipping him while he, being the gentle giant he is, coward in fear. When She Who Will Not Be Named and Charlie Chaplin met, they did not fight, but rather had an all out barking war. They just sat there, for thirty minutes, seeing who could make the most noise. We brought them outside for a bit and they stopped, but boy, they did not want anything to do with each other. I’m having to separate them into different rooms.

So, all in all, my experience with miniature schnauzers has not been a good one. I love their look, but am not so enchanted by their sass. I hope not all mini schnauzers are this way.

How to Get Your First Sale on Etsy: What I’ve Learned

My shop has been around for a little over a month and, although I’ve only had one sale thus far, I feel that my marketing techniques have improved greatly from those first couple of weeks. It took a lot of research and Etsy forum-ing (yes, it’s very helpful) for me to finally properly build my shop. I’m sure I still need a lot of improvement, but I’m eager to share what I’ve learned and help other beginners as well. Here are three tools that I use most:

1. SEO=Cruicial

Most of your sales will come from people who are looking for your particular item. How do you make them find it? Through the search bar. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and basically means how relevant your items are to what a potential buyer searches for. Great SEO is the key to being found. First, decide what keywords your customers are going to search to find your products. To find your keywords, ask yourself these questions: What is my item? What are common words used to describe my item? Use the search bar to try and find similar items. What keywords are similar items under? A keyword is not a single word, but rather a phrase that includes a adjective and a noun. To put your items higher up on the list for a particular keyword, use those keywords in three things: your title, your tag, and your description. For example, if I had an orange beaded necklace, I would put “orange beaded necklace” in my title, “orange beaded” “orange necklace” and “beaded necklace” in my tags (tags only allow a couple words), and “orange beaded necklace” in my description. Your search ranking should improve.

I also recommend you try search ads, as you only have to pay about 30 cents per click. If you only get a couple of clicks each day, it doesn’t hurt much. If you get a lot of clicks, you’re probably getting a lot of sales, since those clicks are from your target audience. If it’s not helping, you can stop it whenever you like.

2. Take Good Pictures

Pictures make your item stand out. I recommend you use a white background, as it makes your item the focal point of the picture. Use a quality camera, too. Iphone pictures are great, but no where near the resolution that you get with an actually camera. I bought a white poster board from the dollar tree and use that as my backdrop. I take it, my camera, and my jewelry outside about mid-day (no shadows), arrange my jewelry in the way I want it, and snap pictures from different angles. That usually ends up being my cover picture. Then I mess around with the jewelry and take pictures in different positions. I usually end up with about four, but it’s better to use all five. I then take my pictures to a site called and use their brightness and boost feature. Then I’m ready to upload!

3. Use Social Media 

It today’s world, social media is vital for any business. Set up a separate shop account for Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Wanelo, and add a page for Facebook. Like fellow Etsy sellers post, and follow them. Make sure to use appropriate hash tags for all your posts. I’ve gotten many views from the combination of these sites. They’re a good tool.

Weeelll, that’s all for today! I hope this helped all you newbies.